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The main reason new businesses fail is because the owners failed to learn how to succeed.
Educate yourself for success. Master the basics that will help you prosper.

The most successful business people know that learning never ends. Regardless of how much education, training, and experience they have, there will always be new information. Time and technology are constantly changing the way business is done Those willing to acquire and use the information generated by these changes have the greatest success.

Are You An 80 — Or A 20

The 80 -20 Rule is that within any segment of a society, be it in a company, a city, or a nation, 80% of the accomplishment will be done by 20% of the people. That 20% have some characteristics that the 80% do not have. Among them are open-mindedness, willingness, and persistence. They listen to new ideas. They apply them when appropriate. They continue to strive when it appears futile. They will succeed because they know that the only real failure lies in quitting.

Money Flows Up

The odds of becoming wealthy working for someone else are slim to none. Even high-powered lawyers charging clients upwards of $600 per hour only get paid a fraction of that until they become a partner in the firm. Then they are working for themselves in partnership with others and splitting the profits with them.

If you have the ambition to become wealthy you will have to have your own business. And if you have your own business you will have to sell. Don't let the idea of selling stop you. That will be thoroughly explored later. And keep the word "ambition" in mind. That also will be thoroughly explored.

The Internet has made it easier than ever before for the average person to own their own business. But it is an undeniable fact that the failure rate of these businesses is high. It is higher than the failure rate for "main street brick and mortar businesses," and the reasons for that are clear...and correctable.

The most important elements in your business are you and your customers. The single most important element is you.

Some people believe that the customers come first, but customers come – and customers go — and if you are running your own business then you are the constant factor. You are the most important factor. When you go, there is no business. It is true that the NEEDS of the customer come first. Otherwise there are no customers.

Performance Technology is dedicated to strengthening that indispensable element, the owner. That is the person that has put their dreams, their sweat and blood, and their personal financial investment into the business.

Our name, Performance Technology, defines the underlying principle of our efforts. Improving the performance if individuals on a consistent basis, and across all societal segments is a science — A Technology. We have committed to the accumulation of proven techniques that when assembled into programs or curricula applicable to the various aspects of human performance will improve their productivity in business.

Concentrating on Growth

Much of our focus is on home-based businesses which are one of the fastest growing segments of the economy. Multi-Level Marketing, or MLM, and affiliate Direct Marketing businesses are a major part of the home-based-business industry, and they have been largely ignored by education and training services. Since most are for-profit concerns they prefer to concentrate on corporations where their costs can be passed through to the investors.

Despite that, and despite a high failure rate, the home-based segment continues to grow. We are improving the success rate one person, and one business, at a time. We know that by improving the performance abilities of individuals, AND giving them processes that increase the performance of their associates, the entire industry will be favorably impacted.

The information on these pages has been acquired from a vast number of businesses ranging from large corporations in micro-biology to major pharmaceuticals to one-person home based Network Marketing distributors.

Experience has shown that the information on these pages is useful to businesses of all sizes all models because the focus is on improving the performance of individuals. Human resources will always be the most important resources in any business.

Spring Cleaning

February 2020

It might seem like it is too early for spring cleaning, but if you wait until spring to start cleaning then you are already too late.

Spring is the time for renewal, regeneration, rebirth. All the clutter of previous seasons, and previous years, is cleared away to make room for the new growth.

As a business owner you need to be ready to lead your customers into their time of renewal. And you can't do that if you are still working on your own.

A timeless axiom cautions that if you are doing business this year the same way you did business last year there is a good chance you won't be in business next year.

Give your business a health examination. Look for anything that has become worn or is out of date. Replace whatever is no longer useful. Revise whatever is still useful but is not as effective as it once was.

Use the time to make your business look new instead of used up. It will be time well-spent.


Here is an enormous resource with the power to double or triple your growth.

Only one out of 10 Network Marketers ever make any meaningful income. By raising that to two in 10 in your downline you have the potential to double your income.

Finding people that want to make money is easy — But finding people that will actually make money is another story.

In this resource you'll find millions of contacts that actually want to make money. And you will gain access to proven ways to make contact with them.

You will also get 4 hours of one-to-one training designed to help you use the entire resource. The training focuses on YOUR GOALS. It's individualized to your needs instead of using a one-size-fits-all approach.

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What You Will Find Inside


Why do so many new businesses fail? The numbers are high for brick and mortar, but for home-based and Internet businesses they are astronomical.

We do not pull punches in this category. Facing the brutal and honest truth about the causes of failure is the only path to improvement.


SALES is not a dirty word. Every business is a sales business and every person within any business is a sales person.

Most people fear selling, even professional salespeople. It is not a natural fear, it is a learned reaction.

We can't guarantee you will get over it — but you can learn how to not be controlled by it.


This is an absolute necessity for any business. From the largest corporation to the sole proprietor training is a constant need.

The small business owner has to be the best trainee possible, and must also be the best trainer possible.

Even if there are no employees it is necessary to be a good trainer


Setting goals is more than writing dreams and wishes down on paper.

It requires honest analyses of yourself. We believe that most people can attain whatever they want. But the first step is knowing the difference between what you want, and what you would like.

When you know what you really want you will know what you need to do to get it.


Everyone benefits from 'attaboys.' Employees get paid for their work, but they work better when they feel appreciated.

Business owners have to be responsible for their own motivation. Money, alone, is only a temporary motivation. When you get accustomed to it, it's not a motivation.

There are many ways to self-motivate yourself and keep yourself growing.


Here you'll find the resumes of Performance Technology's founders and owners.

There is also information about the philosophy and principles that brought us into this work, and the satisfaction that keeps us here.

Your success is our goal. When you succeed you raise the statistics for the entire industry.


The Mission of Performance Technology is to provide a meaningful source of valuable information to assist small business owners in achieving success. We will always strive to deliver more than our clients expect.

We will strive to help every client to achieve their best possible performance. Our guiding premise is that improvement of human performance is a science and we are dedicated to the advancement of that technology.