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About Performance Technology

A Business Consultancy Established in 1992 to Assist Small-Business Owners

There are challenges that are unique to small business owners in the launching of their enterprises and guiding them to profitable success. Performance Technology is the merger of the knowledge and experience of its founding principals, Dish Taylor and Ty Wapato.

They each had conducted consulting practices in overlapping industries and after collaborating on a number of assignments they decided to join forces in the interest of providing clients with a more robust menu of services.

Their clients have included companies in biotechnology research and development, biotech product manufacture and distribution, medical device manufacture and sales, pharmaceuticals manufacture and sales, nutritional supplements, legal services, wealth creation, beauty and cosmetic products, and others.

Performance Technology's service includes the owners and operators of home based enterprises. Our experience has revealed that the challenges facing home based business owners are the same challenges that traditional business models must overcome to be successful.

A significant difference is that most traditional business operators have the availability of capital provided by business investment groups or individual investors, but home based business owners usually are the sole financers of their enterprises.

A primary goal is to help them conserve capital
without starving their business to death.

Performance Technology Principals

Dish Taylor

Dish Taylor

Dish Taylor began her business career in the sales and marketing arm of Xerox Corporation in Vancouver, B.C. She rapidly progressed from a sales position to major account management.

She was recruited by Krakower-Brucker International to supervise major accounts in their Los Angeles office. She proved to be extremely proficient at identifying and resolving the underlying causes of orgazinational behavior problems.

She formed her own consulting practice with a broad international clientele. Her concentration was in leadership development at the director and executive level; designing problem resolution paradigms; manpower acquisition, development and retention programs; and policy development and institution.

Ty Wapato

Ty Wapato

Ty Wapato started his business career in an industrial engineering capacity with General Motors Corporation. Then he served five years as a sworn officer with the Los Angeles Police Department while completing his education at California State University.

Following that he had a successful 13 year career with a national insurance firm where he built an agency force of 140 sales personnel with more than 40 support and administrative staff handling in excess of $100 Millions in annual premium income.

Subsequently Wapato engaged in a consulting practice to the insurance industry, which then expanded to other financial services businesses and technical companies as well.

"We will always try to deliver more than the client expects"


The Mission of Performance Technology is to provide a meaningful source of valuable information to assist small business owners in achieving success. We will always strive to deliver more than our clients expect.

We will strive to help every client to achieve their best possible performance. Our guiding premise is that improvement of human performance is a science and we are dedicated to the advancement of that technology.