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Sales leads and MLM recruiting leads are generated on the Internet using banner ads, pop-up and pop-under windows and direct email promotions.  We do not offer free prizes, bonuses, give-aways, premiums, or any other kinds of incentive that would induce someone to complete the information form.

The only offer is free information about how they can earn money from home and actually be their own boss.

Weight loss leads are people who have a desire for information about or want to purchase products that will encourage weight loss.  They have not indicated a desire to own a business or be their own boss.


These are almost "real time" recruiting leads that you will have within 3 days of the time they signed up.  If you are hot about building your business, and want prospects who are hot too, these prime leads should give you a higher closing ratio.  Get them while they're hot at $1.00 per lead. Minimum order = 50. Order in multiples of 50.


These MLM recruiting leads are identical to PRIME LEADS but they are Exclusive to you for 30 days. You get them within 3 days of the time they signed up. Exclusive leads are $1.50 each with a minimum order of 50. Order in multiples of 50.


MLM and Distributor recruiting leads that are fresh within 3 to 14 days of the time you receive them, These are the ultimate business building resources and are ideal for telephone approaches, or email them a warm-up introduction and then follow-up.  Date & Time Stamps and IP Addresses to protect your ISP.  Whatever way you prefer to market, Fresh Leads give you a strong closing ratio.  At 75 per lead these are an excellent way to build your business.  Minimum order 100 for $75.00


From 1 to 14 days fresh with First and Last names so you can personalize your messages.  You also get the Date & Time Stamp and IP Address when they opted-in.  Load up your favorite email system with these bargain priced leads at 1 cents each.  Sold in lots of 10,000 for $125.00.  Please allow 2 to 4 days for delivery.

30 to 60 Day Aged Leads

Opportunity Seekers never lose that desire.  These MLM recruiting leads are bargain priced so you can buy in bulk and reap the profits that have been left on the table.  Many will be seasoned network marketers who will always listen to a good presentation of a good income opportunity.  At only 25 each these 30 to 60 day leads are a good choice for marketers with limited budgets and for confident and professional marketers.


Lists of Network marketers from different companies.  Some of the companies have gone out of business, so there may be some MLM professionals who are looking for their next opportunity in these lists.  Some of these marketers have huge downlines that can help you explode the growth of  your business.  Light the fuse with a lot of known Network marketers at 5 per listing.  Minimum order 1000 listings for $50.00.


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