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So You Want To Own Your Own Business

Now that you have decided you want to operate your own business take a deep breath, step back and do some soul searching. Take stock of yourself in a brutally honest way. Be clear about your most important reason for having a business and what you want to accomplish. If you are not 100% sure of what these things are, you will surely fall prey to a seasoned network professional who has spent countless hours sweetening his or her pitch and before you know it you will be the next fly in his or her web. Only after you are thoroughly enmeshed will reality set in and you'll learn that making a gazillion bucks is not that easy.

Self-Honesty is a key factor in selecting a home based business

But you don't have to be a miracle worker either. You can be as successful as you set you mind to be. If you honestly set your mind to doing whatever it takes to get what you want from your business then I promise you, you will get it. Once you have made that decision never look back. Stop listening to those who tell you it can't be done. It is being done, and it is being done by people who have no more natural ability than you do. It is being done by those people who have set their minds to the task--and have followed through to complete the task.

You can be as successful as you set you mind to be.

Being profitable in a home based business is a serious endeavor. It takes commitment. It takes perseverance. And it takes a whole lot of work. It takes doing things that most people would rather not do. And that is why the majority of them lead lives of quiet desperation. Only those who will commit themselves to do everything necessary to be successful will actually be successful. The rest will sit back in front of their TV's and dream of what might have been.

Owning a business is easy--Making a profit isn't.

Ask yourself, "Am I willing to learn and make mistakes? Can I stick with it? How have I done in the past in situations like this? Am I willing to change the things about me need changing to be successful? Will I keep my promise to myself to work hard, to take instructions, to learn, and to do whatever is necessary to succeed?" If you can't give yourself positive answers to these questions, get busy fixing yourself first. Then when you do have a home based business you can have the kind of success you want.

Spare time is a Will O' the Wisp.

Another question to ask yourself is, "How much time do I really have to run this business?" If you plan to be successful in your own business you have to set a work schedule and stick to it —the same as you would have to do if you were working for someone else. Trying to run a business in their spare time is what causes a lot of would be entrepreneurs to fail. All that spare time they thought they would have to make money just seems to disappear when they turn on the TV, or when Junior has a little league game, or Sis has a soccer game. Spare time is a Will o' the Wisp—when you try to grasp it, it is gone. If you really want the big bucks that your own business can generate then you have to plan your work time and stick to the plan come heck or high water.

Honey, I shrunk my time!

Here is a serious question: How does my family feel about my starting a business? Will they like it when I am not as free to do what they want? If they don't like it, do have I what it takes to weather the disapproval storm? What can I do to get their support, or at least keep them from slowing me down? An honest discussion about how everyone feels will improve your chance of success. It is difficult to focus on your business when the people you care the most about are competing for your time.